About Benison

We are an Engineering design firm that solves challenging problems for our customers. Our engine of innovation is fueled by the team of technology enthusiasts, who work hand in hand with customers to provide them outstanding services in emerging technologies.


To foster a culture of excellence and innovation making customer success our highest priority.


To be integral to the success of our clients and our people – to be their most valued partner.

10+ years of Major Wins

Including a 2019 technology Sale to Google

Two Major Acquisitions

Validating our technology innovation , two major acquisitions have been instrumental in strengthening our beliefs. First deviceCloud.io was acquired by a silicon valley company and second , Google acquired a part of Benison.

Complete Product Development Lifecycle

High-quality solutions and services from initial concept stage to prototyping through production

Software Solutions and Electronic Products

Our talented team of designers & engineers specialize in design, development, verification, and validation

Time and Cost-Savings

End-to-end solutions with less time to market

Customer Satisfaction

From Fortune 100 companies to Startups, our customers love us for what we do

Global Reach

Partnering with 30+ Technology companies worldwide

Intel Network Builder Member

Intel accepts Benison for excellence in DPDK

Our Hiring Process

Our interview process is currently entirely virtual

Interview Process for Tech Roles

1. Phone screening with a Benison Career Advisor
2. Online assessment for junior positions - not applicable for mid and senior levels
3. Up to two rounds of technical interviews with 2-3 Benison team members
4.  Phone screening with the hiring manager
5. Offer & negotiation





Online Assessment Format
• MCQ on relevant technologies
• Applicable for candidates with  1-5 years of industry experience

Technical interviews:
We are looking for self driven candidates, passionate about technology with a strong mastery of computer science fundamentals and relevant technology stack expertise. Our process is paired with a quick coding session and practical problem-solving skills.
Duration: These rounds last between 30 minutes to 1 hour

Non-Technical interviews:
We assess behavioral competencies: adaptability, collaboration and judgement.
This process includes an open discussion for both parties to evaluate the fit.

Interviewing Expectations:
Microsoft teams, webcam and microphone, internet availability, etc. As with any interview opportunity, we expect the candidate to take calls from a quiet place, and to dress appropriately.

Benison Leadership

Effective leadership isn’t only about getting results. It’s about getting results in the right way. Benison leaders are expected to continually promote ethical behavior and employee admiration and respect for running operations.

Ultimately, every one of us is a leader, because we all control the attitudes and behaviors of at least one person - ourself - and we set an example for our colleagues.

Benison Technologies strives to establish the tools and reinforce the values that provide everyone with rewarding work in a collaborative and supportive environment. But it’s up to each one of us as individuals to embrace the culture we’re creating.

Ajay Virginkar

Founder & President

I am equally concerned with the success of our employees and strive to provide a culture of mentorship and learning.

Ajay Virginkar has over 13 years of experience in the routing and switching industry and has held leadership roles in diverse domains ranging from Engineering to Business Development and Sales. Prior to setting up Benison Technologies, Ajay was part of the Management Team at IPInfusion Inc., where he held leadership roles in Sales and Business Development.

He was responsible for providing Protocol stack source code and Engineering services and solutions to major Tier 1 Equipment Vendors.Ajay also managed a Nationwide Sales Engineering Team for Tellabs where he interacted directly with major Tier 1 MSOs, CLECs and International Carriers.

Ajay’s experience in different roles and parts of the communications ecosystem provides him with a unique perspective of the requirements and needs of the entire industry. Ajay holds a patent related to optimizing multicast operations in hardware and is based in Fremont, California.


Chief Technology Officer

I’m inspired by our wonderful team of experts.

Vivek has around 16 years of experience in the field of data communications, network security and middleware. Have worked extensively on the various network processors including XLR, XLP, HX, custom chipsets from Juniper and other customers.

Extensively worked and led the teams in the areas of flow and session managements in the data path, developing SDKs for the data path processors, microcode for various forwarding technologies.

Architected and designed load balancing for service cards, scaling for interfaces, inline services. Designed and implemented various protocols like OSPF, RSVP, RSVP-FRR along with the HA and process restarts for them. Handled various security features like Firewall, NAT, IPSec and general features like jflow.

Responsible for handling the porting of mesh networking products to the mac80211 frameworks.

Swati Deshpande


Our value is built by the talent we surround ourselves with.

Network Professional with more than 20 years of expertise in embedded systems, Computer networking and Network Security.

Passionate data plane architect, lead data plane architecture for enterprise switch/router/NAC solutions as well as core routers.

Has designed systems using various packet processors that include first generation NPUs, Cavium Multicore NPUs, Juniper PFEs, Intel DPDK, Marvell and Broadcom processors at Nevis Networks, Juniper and Cisco..

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